sexymame (sexymame) wrote,


It's a weird feeling going to the wake or the funeral of someone you're not so close to. My tita (Haydee Yorac) recently died because of complications to her ovarian cancer. She will be layed to rest tomorrow. We went to her wake Sunday and will actually be going back to her wake again this afternoon but somehow i can't relate that much with the other people mourning for her because i didn't really get to know her. She's actually my dad's cousin and he has very fond memories of her. He flew in from Cebu just to be able to go to the wake and attend the funeral. I just feel so detached from all this though. I know how sad everyone else must be feeling because of her death. I see it in my Dad. But somehow, I don't feel that much. I feel sad for those who feel sad because of her death. I'll just pray that her soul rests in peace. She has actually done a lot of good things for the country. In a way, I feel proud to be related to her.
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